What Makes Advertising With Mob Media Unique?

Your customer experience is tailored, regardless of budget.

We tailor our relationship to your needs as a customer. If you ask for something to be a particular way, we will nearly always make it so. For example, many of our clients prefer to own their own ad account and creatives.

Our detailed reporting process is also tailored to your needs, so you get the data you need to evaluate your campaigns

You don’t need a huge budget for us to work our magic.

We know that not all clients can afford to spend $10,000 or $100,000 a month on advertising. We have many highly successful advertising campaigns coming in at under $10,000 a month.

Your ads will stand out from the competition.

Our extensive research and development process is extremely methodical, and we often find targeting options not tapped into. We look at competitor ads regularly and most competitors are doing the same old thing.

Our ads are often very different from what everyone else is doing. As a result, our client’s ads stand out, which is valuable for driving results.

Your ads will stand out from the competition.

Our extensive research and development process is extremely methodical, and we often find targeting options not tapped into. We look at competitor ads regularly and most competitors are doing the same old thing.

Our ads are often very different from what everyone else is doing. As a result, our client’s ads stand out, which is valuable for driving results.

Our creative and nimble problem-solving helps your campaigns thrive.

When we start a campaign, we have a wealth of ideas prepared for how to pivot if the campaign does not perform. We also monitor campaigns continuously and look for opportunities. That means that we will never sit around and waste your advertising dollars. We actively seek to understand leading indicators to maximize your campaign’s chance of success.

We also have a strong record of identifying and solving problems that prevent your campaign from working as well as it should or could.

We won’t ever stop working to improve your campaign’s results.

We never stop working to improve campaigns regardless of how well they’re performing. We develop and continually refine our processes for everything we do which enables us to improve our results for clients.

We are always improving and seeking opportunities to grow. We regularly raise prospective ideas for making successful campaigns even more successful.

We march to our own beat.

While we are always educating ourselves, we evaluate and test advertising strategies ourselves. We don’t just do things because someone else said something “works”. We bring up ideas based on first-hand knowledge and experience.

We identify and develop methods and processes of our own based on our own experience, knowledge, and education. We don’t hear, “So and so says landing pages are better than lead ads,” and then not do it. We test options out ourselves and have often found what other experts preach is not the experience of our clients.

You get gimmick-free legal marketing from industry experts.

Our eight years of experience and knowledge working in the legal industry means we know strategies that do and don’t work for lawyers. We aren’t providing cookie-cutter approaches adopted from other industries.

We have knowledge of the legal processes of mass torts and connections with many prominent firms and vendors. That means that if you need to connect with someone in the industry, we can help.

Why Advertise on Facebook

Lots of lawyers are skeptical of getting cases on Facebook. Either they have been told that Facebook doesn’t work, or they tried it and didn’t pan out. And yet, we are seeing lots of success, with years-long campaigns for lawyers that have become steady pipelines for quality cases. A lot of this is our unique approach to Facebook Advertising. We also believe that Facebook is particularly good for advertising for lawyers. Below, we have collected the main reasons why we think all lawyers should consider advertising on Facebook.


You can reach good prospects who aren’t in the process of research.

  • A Facebook user is less likely to go through a half-dozen websites submitting their contact info. People might not contact another lawyer if you get them hooked on Facebook.
  • You can succeed with both list-building (getting people to request a free resource by providing their information) and direct-response advertising (getting people to inquire for a consultation). We see both approaches, especially when combined, succeeding for lawyers.
  • The targeting options are extremely flexible and can thrive when it is more broad. This allows you to get in front of people who you would never have been in front of otherwise.
  • It’s a lot like the internet’s billboard. People are scrolling through their newsfeed like they drive down the highway. Having your message there allows you to get in front of people within their normal, day-to-day life. Unlike a billboard, people can stop and interact with your Facebook ad if they find it interesting and compelling


Campaigns are seeing success in a range of practice areas.

  • Despite the general idea that “Facebook isn’t good for lawyers,” we have thriving campaigns for many clients.
  • Yes, Facebook advertising is extremely hard and it can be harnessed with a capable team.
    It’s advertising platform that works well when integrated into your overall marketing strategy.
  • Despite political scandals with the company, the majority of Americans continue to use Facebook and Instagram on a regular basis and every age group continues to be well-represented on the platform.
  • It’s still largely the “wild, wild west” that Google was 10 years ago. And because ad spend doesn’t spike like target keywords on Google Ads, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
  • You can use the platform to drive results for various business objectives, including List Building, Soliciting Prospective Inquiries, Brand Building, and Increasing Attorney Referrals.

Your competition isn’t doing it.

  • Very few law firms are utilizing Facebook advertising. And those that are are typically doing a very poor job.
  • You can compete with the biggest firms on a small budget because you’re not competing in the same way on Facebook.
  • Almost no one is using advanced strategies (like funneling people through a multi-step process) on Facebook…because it requires a lot of work, experience, and skill to do it well and pivot when necessary.
  • When you get your campaign working in your market, you can often achieve a higher ROI through Facebook ads compared to other advertising avenues.
  • The longer you’ve been doing Facebook, the more data your Facebook ad account has and the better success you’ll be able to achieve compared to people who get in two years in the future. Getting in now allows you to build your systems, find what works in your market, and stake out your territory.

You get quality user feedback to drive advertising decisions.

  • Unlike nearly every advertising medium, Facebook ads have a comments section that allow you to see how people feel and think about your ads.
  • It’s almost like built-in focus-group testing.
  • You can roll out a message and get nearly instant feedback on how people react to your message. This information (and when there is a lack of commenting) tells you so much about how your ads are received. This drives decision making to improve your campaign to achieve results.

You can build an (or extend your existing) ecosystem of marketing.

  • Powerful retargeting options.
  • Send your messages through various means.
  • Get in front of people on both Facebook and Instagram in addition to their Audience Network which puts you on websites all across the web.

Ad types enable testing without the need to always build landing pages.

  • Google Ads (and pretty much everything else) have you direct traffic to a landing page. A poor landing page can cripple any campaign.
  • Ad types like Lead Ads and Messenger Ads allow you to engage a prospect within the Facebook environment and generate lead information without them ever leaving Facebook. This reduces marketing development costs.
  • Facebook gives you the options to customize your approach to fit your firm and your firm’s bandwidth for handling leads. What’s best for your firm? To churn through a higher volume of leads vs. fewer leads of higher quality?

Extremely advanced and powerful advertising platform.

  • There’s a wide range of strategies, methods, and tools to test out.
  • Creative targeting is often rewarded greatly.
  • The algorithm is very robust and, when harnessed, can really slingshot a campaign into achieving excellent results.

Is Digital Marketing Your Jam?

If you love:

  • Engaging people in a conversation online.
  • Helping tell people’s stories in compelling ways.
  • Crafting content that people want to read.
  • Developing systems that move people from Point A to Point Z.

Then you’re one of us. (*Chanting*: ONE. OF. US.) When you join our team, you’ll find opportunities to expand your professional horizons—and put your passion for marketing to good work!

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